Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weather noodle soup

I am in love with the wounded light of a rainy afternoon, swoony, embarrassing, Jane Austenesque love.... staring longingly out of the dining room window, trying to catch just a wee glimpse of a bruised cloud, a hint of cool foggy morning. I lie in bed with my eyes closed, long minutes after waking, hoping against the evidence presented by the rhythmically beating blades of our ceiling fan, to open them to a lush blanket of wet mist, believing in my half sleep that if I can taste it just for a moment, I will open my eyes to a day not suffocated by the bullying heat of a Southern California summer.
Somehow, I need to find a way to live somewhere green, somewhere with yodelling, and the odd goat-chicken, and maybe a cat in a bay window, basking in the gentlest fingers of occasional honeyed sunlight...

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