Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spaghetti and Noodles

School recently closed for the (long.long.long) summer and I was lucky enough to spend the first week of it with my wee James, there were days filled with rollerskating, swimming, beach wandering, dock jumping, hat shopping and many movies we have been looking forward to...
We saw Rock of Ages first, and my poor wee disappointed heart has just packed its mis-cast, mismanaged bucket of sad where it belongs, so we will leave it at that. Then we saw Brave, which was beautiful and lovely and wonderful and thrilled my wee fairytale loving heart - the animation is delicious, the story is lovely and its just a really enjoyable experience, I am glad I had an eight year old to take with because the spotty sections of old men taking in the movie all alone were like small islands of lonely lepers in the kid filled cinema, shame, I felt sorry for them.
Then, we spontaneously agreed to double up our movie day, watching moonrise kingdom at the art theatre with some friends and if there had been another show following the one we attended I would have been right back in the ticket line. As somebody who doesn't relate to Wes Anderson in any way other than the visual, I often tell people to watch his films with the sound off - I am so glad I saw this in all its glory. The casting, acting, colours, scenery, in fact, the entire package was utterly perfect, and the moment where the two leads are dancing awkwardly on their perfect beach was up there with one of the best moments of my life. Stop reading this stupid blog and go get in that ticket line.

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