Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pot Luck

This is a bit of a pot luck post, I have been meaning to post these bits for a couple of days but have been absorbed in painting and dreaming and twirling and indulging in very useful anxiety attacks.
I am trying to figure out what to do with my less than thrilling website, I have an idea, but getting it to actually work is going to take some time, so for now, I guess it stays - this is a wee snapshot of the idea - suggestions are always welcomed....

We are enjoying our long weekend, with plans to head off to LACMA today for a wander, we havent visited in a month or two and I am looking forward to it! Last night was Jamie's parent date night, we took her out for dinner and a movie, of her choice, and she got all dressed up - as Morticia Adams.

I know Dark Shadows has been getting pretty terrible reviews, and from the people around me in the cinema, guess its not everyones cup of tea but it was extraordinary, I wanted to turn around and watch it again, or lick it. The styling was delicious, the sets incredible, the story fun and light and gently gory... it was a big gorgeous parcel of "again, again"  and I loved it.

The ghost chandelier moments reminded me so much of the haunted mansion at Disneyland...

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