Monday, February 20, 2012


When I was little, we called broccoli "trees", I loved trees with sticky cheesy sauce, and so did that she has her lactose issue, she can't really do this anymore which sucks, so I have been exploring broccoli, and in the process, discovered rapini - my new love... we had the most amazing salad today, lightly steamed rapini and asparagus on raw arugula and spinach leaves, with pesto dressing and leftover roast potatoes - delish!

On Saturday we drove out to Joshua tree so Jamie could be involved in a music video Tilly and the wall were shooting out there, it was a really lovely experience, and I adore the trees, they look so much like skinny people  posing... I made you guys a postcard so you could share our wee moment... its a little thrown together, but ta daaaa - all yours

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Erin said...

What an amazing experience!And the meal looks delicious!