Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Definitely some kind of stew...

...its not a very big secret that I read my own blog sometimes, hearing my words in my own voice reminds me of who I am in an odd way, until I get down to the pictures of my cats, and then all the words sound just a little tiny bit like an overweight, middle aged divorcee watching one of those oprah episodes where an adorable middle american family gets reunited with their previously missing, and even more adorable disabled ukrainian child. Homesickness makes me sad, then nauseous, then just sad again.

I have a hard time keeping up with anything, I am faithfully completing this ( - cellphone pic of page 7 above ;)) project at the moment, which is motivating me to keep drawing, but my clay is neglected, even with seven hundred and forty two exciting projects awaiting my attention, and I am dragging my feet about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. its my birthday next week and we have been planning to go to Friday nights roller derby game, but I haven't organised the people we are supposed to be taking, nor have I bought any tickets, I am floating through my days flapping my hands ineffectually, hoping that, eventually, I will figure out how to fly. It would probably be more effective to walk around with a very small, and hopefully not too heavy, neon sign strapped to my back saying "help me" in neat lower case letters... you know, flashy and attention seeking, but never obtrusive ;)
I used to think tasks were overwhelming, but lately I find the whole world overwhelming, I have become the ostrich, which sounds lovely and zen until your nose fills up with sand and you are left deciding between talking to an actual human being or suffocating with your butt in the air while wearing "those" panties because you were too overwhelmed to do the washing.

Ugh. Hello world, welcome to my brain.

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