Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Greasy Takeout

Okay, so, don't tell anyone i said this, but I occasionally want to punch the feminist movement in the face. I don't deny that women are, on the whole, better off nor do I argue the fact that several bazillion women sacrificed so that I could work AND have children... but what if that's not what I want? I feel like all it really achieved was that I am now expected to work, and run the house and have children and still fit into something lacy and disastrously uncomfortable at least twice a day without my head exploding, and to be frank, that sucks.
What if I want to make jam, and milk a bloody cow and make my own cheese and look flipping cute in an apron and have two perfect children who actually know what I look like, without an exhausted dried out harpy in a moon cup (don't google that at work by the way, your IT department will definitely stop picking up your starbucks after that) telling the world that I am setting women back by a thousand years?
I don't want a job and a fancy car and an investment portfolio and a gleaming dishwasher and two children who don't know what I look like, I want a life, and a family, and a flipping cow, and I don't care if that's okay with you.

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