Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodie Bags

Dear Sister,
I kind of miss you, like, a lot.
even though you bite and scratch,
and even though, if you were closer, teacups and maltesers and chappies and love would not fly so swiftly over the sea,
and even though my grammar is terrible and this is not a real poem at all.
I still miss you.
about as much as civil war reenactment dorks miss wenches,
or maybe like NBC misses Conan O'Brien,
I think if NBC missed Conan as much as I miss you, they would remove the sea.
So lets do that, we can remove the sea, separating water and salt, and selling both to the highest bidder, then we can buy a farm in Oregon, and maybe our very own Conan.
There, now its a real poem.
Back to my tea.
I love you


unstoned98 said...

You are so wonderfully not well. Love you both.



TJ said...

This poem may be freeverse, but its still as cool as conan ( the barbarian, not from nbc)