Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Comfort Food

a post for my severely geographically challenged family....
It was my mums birthday on Friday, and my Lissa's birthday, and her wedding day... and today was my Jo's birthday... I feel terribly far away from everyone... so instead of just pretty but arb photographs from our adventures, I am posting dorky shots of us...
The first is Jamie, asleep on my bed this evening, taken with my insanely fancy and well equipped camera, the one I use to text y'all ;) she fell asleep cuddling the magic faraway tree (imported - thanks mum - americans are yet to discover the joys of enid blyton)

The second is a family portrait, I tried, unsuccessfully, to blur myself out of this one, but I guess the world will have to accept me as I am, at least I make adorable children... This was taken at Bombay Beach - Jason must have propped the camera up on a bit of ghost town... lovely moments = yay.

and then, because we're on the subject of geography and family portraits, I will throw this in.... its only mildly creepy right?

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