Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spaghetti and Meatballs

These are our report cards, taped to the wall in the lounge when I arrived home from work....

We both got "scold" and "hungry" as well as "nice" "happy" and "listen", we both got "helpful" and, oddly enough "style" but Jason also got "slow" and "ready" {ha-take that King of late} while I got "likes tea" and "loves things"

Jamie is both adorable and crazy, she is so good at expressing herself, she writes beautiful little notes, and draws people, real, recognizable people, not stick figures... she is that thing that amazes me every day, I look at her sometimes and go - wow, I made this? We made this? She is the very small voice in my head getting me through the day, and the way she looks at me when I come home from work makes me feel like a superhero... She, and darling, are the little figures in my snow globe of happiness, I don't mind living in a bubble, as long as I get to share it with them.

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