Thursday, April 22, 2010

Living in the land of Cheeseburger Pies...

I usually update my blog more often than this, but things have been exceptionally quiet lately, I have only saved the world twice (almost thrice but then parts of it blew up anyway so I don’t think it counts) I spend most of my time wheeling my small family towards our future in a small red and blue enamelled wheelbarrow. We have been setting up an etsy account to showcase our multitalented... erm..ness, hunting documents across the African savannah in preparation for our big swim across the ocean and wondering why the guys at my office have suddenly decided opera will help them score more frequently.
I have not forgotten my three faithful readers, I do love you dad, and hopefully I will soon be able to let off on finding a job in the states and researching California public schools for long enough to be funny again

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mark said...

Yeah. I love you too darling. You couldn't stop being funny if you tried :-)