Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So erm...

So I don't know if anyone else has noticed the recent Woolworths rebrand, they're totally channeling the future lovechild of Edgars and Stuttafords, I sent them my thoughts...
"Dear Woolworths,
Your new branding sucks, it reminds me of sharpeners, filing and government departments, except perhaps straighter and marginally less romantic. The other day I checked my post box, which is not something I do often, so I ensured that I was wearing good shoes, full makeup and had recently seen the hairdresser, one never knows who one may happen upon at the post box. I reached my hand into the lacquered red box of divine postliness and gasped in horror at the yellow envelope that was undoubtedly to solicit some sort of high interest unrepayable credit from me only to find it was from yourselves. Like I said your branding sucks.
Thanks for the twenty bucks though.
Lara Meintjes"

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angel said...

Mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa… now I wanna go see what they’re up to!