Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Salted Fish

I am currently obsessed with a band called Semi Precious Weapons, plenty of glam rock, peroxided atrocity - ridiculously refreshing....Find them on the internet machine and share with me, I cant be the only crazy stalkerish fangirl in the netiverse...

I realised the other day that this year has simply swept by like floodwater, while I have kept my eyes closed, balanced precariously on a raft of vague nausea and tightly clasped dreams, I feel like I have been living in a snowglobe, just waiting for somebody to come along and shake me... so I am making a list, of things to tick before today next year. The snooze button on my life is tired and overworked, I need to do something about it, so if you happen upon me in the street,kindly give me a shake.

1. Get a Wizard of Oz tattoo. Ideas anyone?

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