Monday, July 6, 2009

Deer Pie with Sage and Mint

They call her “she who urinates silently”, because, well, she does. She shops on Saturdays, sleeps on Sundays and works all week. Her life is disgustingly average, but she is happy that way. She is the Apple Pie and Cream on the dessert menu, the plain black V neck in your wardrobe, the nice girl your mother hoped you’d marry.
She doesn’t understand the lack of contentment she sees in those around her, the constant striving for adventure, the desire to achieve, but it doesn’t bother her for very long either. She has exactly what she wants.

That’s my imaginary person of the day, I have decided to be quiet, contemplative and content, but we will see how long that lasts…I can’t decide what her name is, I guess that makes her truly vanilla, a no name brand kind of life. It’s a little sad I suppose but hey, if it gets me through the day…

I had breakfast / brunch on Saturday with a bit of an odd assortment of people, it was vaguely uncomfortable and the bill was high, but we ambled through the morning sleepily, a Checkers Pick n Mix from the mid nineties, attempting conversation without speaking the same language at all. Deer Hunter had some lovely bits which saved the morning to some degree, I will post pics of one or two this evening, when I’m home.
Kalliebree from work, whose name is so unusual I haven’t even made one up, came along too, she wanted to blog about Deer Hunter, on her blog I guess, which is here: I’m writing lazily, thinking lazily, and generally mumbling my way through the day, I guess I’m completely in character, however nameless she may be. A tentative blog, a possible day and a maybe life, does anyone have a perhaps name for me?

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