Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post Modern Ferret Soup….

I have decided to be a modern day Beatnik, and be far too cool for everyone else… So from now on I will be a retro-ironic post modern banana flavoured collector of circus midgets and teacup scented grandpa cardigans. I will twirl around the planet spreading rainbows, hundreds and thousands and glitter as I go, falling from the sky on random occasions to spread my magic around, weaving it into the culture of the poor uninformed natives of imaginary countries everywhere in a little tranny themed post colonial empire building…

What do you mean it sounds less than fabulous? My imaginary empire will be glamorous, decadent and absolutely untouchable on the party circuit, as well as being completely useless on an economic viability scale, it will be Perfect!

Life is far more fun in ones head, and then I come around, the caffeine buzz wears off and my desk comes into focus, swirling and swimming in my Cyclops vision, its not peacock blue, its not sapient pearwood and it doesn’t even have cute gold drawer knobs.
By the time I prise open both eyes and grudgingly welcome the world in over my colourful macramé doormat life is dull grey once again, my sparkling chariot of terror and joy is a broken down Toyota Corolla circa 1983 with the unlikely name of Tiffany, the soundtrack is far more Radiohead than Donna Summer and the gold lame pants hanging in my closet are brown tweed, small mercy considering that in reality I am more James Gandolfini than James King…

Yes Dear reader (The whole one of you – I love you dad) it’s Thursday and life still sucks.


unstoned said...

Goodness. Who'd a thunk that a comment about a pocketful of smiles would inspire an entire genre of prose?

You are uniquer than anyone I know (not in protective custody)

I love you too my darling.

ouma said...

i do love your writing miss.
just the right amount of rainbows for a blog, even when they turn out to be pretend.
one of my long time favourite descriptions comes from here,"Her nose was marching defiantly off to the left and her narrow, thin lipped underscore of a mouth was broadly defined in deep purple lipstick" the rest of it is as delicious, i just don't want to take up too much space.
ouma mel.