Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pea's and Carrots

Rolling over into the fitful sleep of the discontented, the wicked, the alone but not accepting, their backs almost touching yet separated by a universe of semi voluntary blindness. Skin reaches out instinctively for skin, its brains that recoil, human emotion, stupidity.

The wasted years, wallowing in self obsession, bitter in the spin cycle that is existence. Existence, not life. Different & the same, the process is there but the action is far removed, soak vs wash, rinse, spin.
Dried out cake of mixed media soap flakes underneath the washing machine in a laundromat forgotten by time, walls yellowing and ignored, fluorescent lighting creating glare right where there should be glow. Ignored and disrespected words, a self unknown and a partner forgotten, where will we be, and who?

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