Friday, February 13, 2009

Hundreds and Thousands

I have few words today, in fact, the quicker I type the more my grammar fails me, so I will say thousands...with pictures.

In the spirit of weekend induced happiness....
These moments make me happy, I want to wallpaper parts of my house with Polaroids, Beith do wallpaper, but first I would have to replaster, and perhaps move out of Little Nigeria.
I get so incredibly disappointed at the way weekends are built up, two days a week in which to unwind, see your friends, spend time with your family... I think I should find a job with flexitime, time to do research on things that get me, to sew, paint, draw, write and generally just breath in...
This makes no sense, interruptions are the bane of my existence, I am Cinderella, without the hugely impractical shoes or pretty blonde hair.

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