Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Postmodern Cheesecake.

When I like somebody I give them a completely useless name, usually made up of a long string of adjectives... ie. "Crazy vegan hippie Canadian assistant" or "Brother"
When I detest somebody I try to avoid them completely, or I just call them Jacob Zuma.

Here is my poem, I like it:
Sometimes you make me feel,
Like spaghetti in a can,
Something that really shouldn't be there in the first place.
But is.
and swollen.

Totally postmodern of me don't you think? Vomit a line of complete nonsensical shit and call it art, Collette [Strange Polish long name girl of utterly shining fabulousness] would approve.
Postmodernism is just another, even more pretentious, way of saying pretentious...like, so hot right now.
I can't write conversations, how am I ever going to write a long and boring postmodern sewerage tank of a book without conversations?
Maybe I will develop affected dyslexia and write a book with conservations instead, every few pages it will have a sponsorship blurb, like a pull quote saying "Woolworth's donated -0.001c to reforestation because you read this page" I could call it conservations with Blog... or I could forget about all this crap and load new employee's onto the payroll system....


kyknoord said...

How about starting with just one conversation, repeated endlessly? You can call your postmodern masterpiece Marriage

angel said...

lol... thats quite a concept...
you'll make millions!!!

Tor Hershman said...

Don't Panic, or is that picnic?