Friday, August 29, 2008

Pecan Nut Fudge Pizza and The Great Flamingo Hunt...

Life moves in some very interesting circles at times, this is not one of them, thus no blogs for a while. I thought Krang had eaten the Goldfish, but apparently even though they can't remember how they do it - they regenerate.
I had dinner with a friend who has been AWOL for a good long time, it was fabulous, in a way not entirely dissimilar to "John and Sarah had never met, they were like two hummingbirds who also, had never met" it made no sense, but in a blindingly practical way. There are very few people who I can reconnect with and just fit, there was no filling the gap, there just was no gap.
Life is a puzzle, but at least its a fairly colourful 3D one with cheap expansion packs.
I have been on a mission to get copywriting work lately, and to get the label going, my neon sign is up and it says "INEXPERIENCED AND UNDERCONFIDENT - HIRE ME PLEASE" so I have about as much luck as the tramp who forgot the string and stole a french poodle.
Darling is still taking beautiful pictures and making me laugh like those little grey ugly birds that Atticus Finch had such issues with. Jamie grows up and I miss my circus of beautiful friends who recently began to scatter in the unruly winds of SA's political and economic prospects, thanks JZ.
I dont particularly feel like getting all Skunk Anansie on my blog today so I will stick to obscure Dolly Parton references instead, or would if the goldfish hadn't run off with the thought I had almost formed.
Collecting my thoughts at the moment and attempting to force them into some sort of remotely coherent string is like sending an agoraphobic to measure a stadium, I push and beg and plead and cajole, then I give up because I can't remember what I was trying to do in the first place.
erm...and rainbows I think?

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