Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIP Goldfish

Anyone remember "This is your brain...."

Well this is my brain on monotony, or Led Zepellin, the similarities are endless:

I am fantasising about taking over the world again, lecturing people in my head and just generally pulling funny faces.

I made a list of things I'm good at, I would scan it and post it but its really small and totally on the useless side of the desert island, I'm Joey from Blossom...endlessly talented in the most abstract, ineffectual way. I can style peoples wardrobes and houses, do their makeup, design their clothes, write their letters, conceptualise pretty much anything, tell them why their own lives arent working, correct their punctuation... is anyone else seeing the issue here? People are perfectly capable of doing all this themselves, when they do "need" me it is just more monotony.

My phone has rung 8 times in the past two hours,

Two recruitment agents wanting me to do books for yet another agricultural chemical manufacturer / Garbage Collection Agency / ISP... Blah.

One Friend asking where to post certain cashbook entries.

Another friend wanting me to check her tax return.

Two more friends wanting tax advice.

One wrong number.

The cashbook friend again...goldfish goldfish goldfish...

and finally, somebody wanting to sell me insurance.

I am truly blessed.

Krang ate the goldfish, I wish he would eat the obsessive Led zepellin fans and 93% of the worlds accountants.

How do I make a change, how do I get my life to go my way, how do I find work in a place that inspires me, or simply find the capital to create this utopia while my husband is superglued to the computer screen? My business plan is stagnating in the glow of our overworked photoshop, and I cringe whenever I have to admit that "I do books" - Fuck yeah.

How do I avoid smacking my boss in the face with a radiator from a truck, and does anyone have an easter egg - I really need one right now.


aikin said...

hey now - I'm taking personally the comment about "obsessive" Led Zeppelin fans. Just because I posted 12 versions of the same (incomplete) song...


angel said...

when you work out how to make your own utopia- lemme know!
strongs girl...