Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Look up you're in Cleveland again
a solid line that never ends
i've got stories you'll never realize
and i know it i wear it on my sleeve

there must be somethin' about you that I liked but
right here in the rain you know it just don't seem right
I always go out I never hide but in Cleveland
I should have stayed inside

good morning heartache
youre like an old friend

come and see me again testify my love
for you I know it runs deep through your body too
from the cold blacktop to the hot concrete
the old tan van it ain't so sweet

somewhere in America in the city at night
we were far from home but you know it was gonna be alright

the unfortunate get preyed on by vultures eyes
86 cents in these pockets of mine

Just something I'm really feeling today... sometimes these wierd days happen and I get a bit lost in my own black hole of issues...this song always pulls me out of that, until I sing along... then it just reminds me of crazy things, lost opportunities and forgotten friends.

Some things are better buried.
In some strange and twisted way I feel like, just occasionally we should take out our issues, dust them off, and look at our own faces when reflected on their surfaces...then I do it and realise its a really bad idea.

86 cents...pah, what I'd do for 86cents and a good old simple issue.

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