Friday, May 9, 2008

The Eastern European Goldfish Jig...

It must be the goldfish olympics.

I have had more virtual wrestling this week than any period I can remember in my long and addled history. I am leaning on music a lot and trying to cling to my sanity in the midst of my own little nuclear fallout, the major issue is that I actually have no idea why or how I have suddenly found myself driving too fast in the wrong lane?

My life has all seemed to be falling into place like a well cut jigsaw lately, so why the sudden eruption of issues? I can't even actually articulate what it is that is affecting me, or what I am grappling with. My brain feels like leftover hospital jelly [Yellow] and I'm fighting the overwhelming urge to vomit at least twice a day. I am just generally unsettled and my rainbow is more like a tacky fucking neon sign. I'm swearing on my blog. unnecessarily... who am I and who abducted the Alterpenguin.

I love bad crime thrillers, I love good songs, I love old friends and new... I'm also trying to be grateful for all I have for once. Its a lot more difficult than it looks, Gratitude and Grammar must be first cousins.

Gratitude and I are strangers, anger, amusment, love and lust I know well... gratitude? who the fuck is gratitude anyway.

Here is this weeks grateful list, or a minor attempt at one...I survived this week due to the following wobbly wheeled shopping trolley of pick and mix friends, bulk sale issues and badly packaged compilation discs:
My personal office playlist...who ever thought Tori, Rancid, NIN, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Blondie, APC, SOTY, Sevendust and Frank Sinatra could get so friendly?
The cranial goldfish, why else would I write?
My darling, who I have hardly seen, can we pay the rent yet?
Estelle and Cimone - who each have more issues than I do.
The shelving guy - for his revolting mullet, and a reasonable excuse for the desire to vomit.
Blow up dolls, winkeys and rhinestones.
Poodles, who are more full of shit than I.
Jo and the woolies barbecue chicken, yes we are old.
There isn't a suitcase big enough to fit you all, but as plasters haven't done too bad a job, and no disney princess print was ever as beautiful, so thank you chickens...

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angel said...

oh i hate when the smurfs take over... they do love neon signs!