Saturday, April 19, 2008

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Just when I was about to join a gym in the hopes of at least getting to hear some sort of heavy breathing again… my boy is coming home!
I’m so excited and nervous about it all, it feels a bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you never really thought you’d find it so when you do, you skirt the edges warily, give it the odd sniff, and promptly run away screaming. Just to give you a better look into my headspace right now, when I pictured this scene, I was Cohen the Barbarian…. Hmmmm?!
Life is a good old fashioned upside down pudding at the moment, and about as fattening, comfort eating may be good for the soul, but I am convinced my thighs have mutated into farmer browns prize winning potatoes.
I am trying to clean my house this weekend; it wouldn’t do much good for Darling to get a toe in the door and die of heart failure at the state of the place. Other than that I am supposed to go to a picnic today, we’ll see how the cleaning goes.
I want to relax and be happy about all this, but no matter how many recipe sites I search for “happiness” I just can’t find the right ingredients. I am so nervous that all the time will have changed us, I’m scared of all the invisible suitcases Darling is carting home along with his pitiful allowance of 20kgs, and I’m really no good with other people’s issues.
I just need to relax a little I guess, I get my pot of gold back, he gets his rainbow… it will be ok.
So, barring Acts of God, Freak Electrical Fires and unnecessary interference on the part of the almighty standard bank, I should be smiling and tap dancing my way through Tuesday… hold thumbs, keep fingers crossed and if you live in my block of flats, I suggest you go away for a few days ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice one Dot ... so how did that work out for you?



angel said...

so? how's it going...?!?