Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Goodbye Charlie...

I fell off the wagon again, watching Some like it Hot three times in one weekend, I wish I could express how much I adore this film, how fantastic the script is, or how incredible Marilyn’s performance was, but I can’t, so if anyone is looking for me when I’m done here, I’ll be wit’ you boss, at Rigoletto’s.

I’m staring at Nancy’s boots again, missing darling like a gaping hole somewhere between the navel and the goldfish bowl, I often wonder when it’s going to end. I discovered a DaVinciesque fascination with truly ugly people this evening, driving home from work in Sandton to Randburg traffic. Sitting at a red robot I found myself staring raptly at the less than perfect countenance in my rear view mirror. This woman had an overlarge open moon of a face, pale, flat and round like the pancakes bought streetside in Paris. A magnificent unibrow in Mac liquorice crawling across it midway between the nose and hairline, setting off the tiniest eyes imaginable quite admirably. Her nose was marching defiantly off to the left and her narrow, thin lipped underscore of a mouth was broadly defined in deep purple lipstick, the only makeup she appeared to be wearing. I found myself thinking of bullfrogs, or perhaps DF Malan, same difference I suppose.
I also missed a change of the robot, only processing the change in light when DF Malan herself began hooting and swearing.

In the words of our beloved Osgood Fielding, nobody’s perfect.

I discovered a truly exciting competition today, thanks to lovely George over at Ireland Davenport, here is a link if anyone else is design or illustration crazy and keen on a challenge: http://www.diesel.com/cult/wall/ I will also link to their blog, they often have interesting bits and pieces.

Newswise I’m running on empty today, I’m still processing the glory of seeing the almighty Muse live, so that will have to wait until it becomes a semi coherent burble and barring that, I cleaned my flat this weekend, shocking to those of you who know me well but terribly dull nonetheless.
I’m off to wade through the murky waters of my deserted fridge for dinner, if anyone is keen on radish and fig jam soup with bacon rashers, give me a call…


Chi-Chi Veroux said...

"A magnificent unibrow in Mac liquorice crawling across it midway between the nose and hairline, setting off the tiniest eyes imaginable quite admirably"
This is quite possilbly the most darling sentence/post ever! I can actually see her face! Magnificent!

George said...

Thank you for the kind words on your post and your comment on Creative Intelligence! Much much appreciated!

You might also want to check out another design competition for Hugo Boss.. some good fun and possibly a chance of being published in an international magazine:


Have a great day!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i'd like to invite you to be a contributor to The Bad Mommy Blog.

so send me your email address so i can do so.....


Anonymous said...

i'll eat you served with a cherry or even with out. no lime though.
love... yes.