Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another old but well loved immigrant

Ok, so today I decided to write a blog, simply because I can, and then I realised that because I am in a lovely mood decorated with rainbows and strawberry icing, I actually have nothing to say.
Isnt it strange how anger feeds creativity and happiness dulls it, maybe thats where "starving artist" comes from, the great ones were just that because they were starving and angry about going unrecognised?! Just a thought really.
I am happy today, I feel like I leave a trail of glitter wherever I go and like I'm 20kgs lighter, and all for no particular reason... its more like a vast combination of tiny little reasons, sort of like how a big handful of tiny little pills will still do a fair bit of harm but in reverse.
I love that I make no sense when Im happy, I'm a little rainbow coloured nonsense bubble, with sparkles... and that makes me even happier.
I love dancing with my Jo, and curling up next to my boy in our terribly uncomfortable bed, it just makes me appreciate the comfort between us all the more.. I love kissing the top of my little girls head and smelling her hair... I love dyeing my hair and singing to myself quietly...
I love anticipation....

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